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Recent works

This is my current line of work and imagery.
For the last few years, I’ve been working on ways to convey my message as an artist and a woman living in South Arkansas. I care about the environment and the human existence. This line of work explores those themes.

I think of light as an awakener of shapes and forms. Light becomes the creator of an intimate story where  the human figure navigates in a language of wheat, weeds, grass and soil, a reflection. The contrast between light and dark emphasizes the story as a metaphor of who we are and where are we going to.

I was born in a big city like New York City: Buenos Aires, Argentina. I did not grow up in an area surrounded by trees, grass, and fields like I do now. I remembered when  I came to the United States. I was mesmerized by the infinite appearance of pine tree forests, and the revelation that squirrels and deers were 

part of the whole year landscape, not a random occurrence.

In my childhood, I always thought of darkness as an incredibly fearful phenomenon.

As an adult,  I realized that without lightness, darkness  may not be  perceived as something mysterious and evocative.

Nowadays, as I watch nature around me, I see deep perpetual  shadows in summer nights brought up by trees under moonlights. Hopeful dark skies in early crisp winter mornings, navigate through swirls of dry stems and  branches. I am a witness of nature paradigm.

To work on paper has been a discovery for many years now. Acrylics allow me to create a grid of surface texture on paper to facilitate and  connect  images ready to be found.

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