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Crónicas de lo Efímero

During my college years  in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I used to spend tireless hours sitting at  cafés, contemplating people interacting with each other, passing by the windows, entering and exiting. I studied people's attitudes, body languages, and their reactions to what was happening around them. As in the words of Argentinean writer Ernesto Sábato:

“I believe in cafés, in dialogue,  I believe in the dignity of people, in freedom”.

Over the years, I have maintained the same interest in the human expression and  its relationship with time and space. Most of these works started at a local coffee shop and from there, it evolved to include other images from different venues.

These Crónicas -chronicles- series are  my impressions of single moments in time and space where people have left a mark, somehow. Chairs, tables, countertops, lights, people, they all belong to an urban landscape so familiar an evanescent.

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